10 Steps to Exempt Taxes on Acquiring an Automobile

1. Search for a special car recognized college – to see if you deserve to exceptions.

2. National Unique Motorist’s Permit – the specialist will determine the appropriate auto for the impaired individual to drive.

3. Detran clinical report – required to buy the no auto or to exempt the pre-owned auto IPVA.

4. Exception from IPI as well as IOF – Federal Earnings, the initial step that takes about 90 to 120 days to assess the procedure.

5. Select the cars and truck – just domestic automobiles are exempt. Look the designs of your choice, see the dealers, check the solution as well as test drive the versions.

6. Exception from ICMS – São Paulo State Division of Financing, it is needed to choose the lorry – so tip 5 – this component takes roughly 15 working days.

7. Adaptation of the vehicle – if appropriate according to its unique ranking.

8. IPVA exception – after the enrollment you have 25 calendar days to submit the exemption request.

9. Rodizio Exemption – after 10 working days after entry of the order the plate is released.

10. Defis Card – you have the right that has restriction in the lower limbs.

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