11 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Exec Condo in Singapore

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According to data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the variety of Exec Condominium systems sold by developers went up from 492 in March 2016, to 572 in March 2017, indicating a 16.2% rise. The demand for exclusive housing, particularly Exec Condos (ECs), has actually raised gradually, partly as a result of the current low rate of interest environment as well as climbing revenue growth in Singapore. Extra new ECs have actually been introduced in recent times to deal with the need.

First presented by the Government in 1999, ECs are a hybrid kind of housing, that fall in between public and also exclusive real estate. ECs appear like personal condominiums with its guarded safety and security, swimming pools, clubhouses, play grounds and also even more. They are developed and also managed by personal programmers yet come with a less costly cost, as the land price is subsidized by the government. Typically, ECs are located far from the city centre as well as MRT terminals where land is much more inexpensive.

1. General qualification

The initial and essential factor to consider is, naturally, your eligibility! Failing this will certainly make it meaningless for you to look out for other factors. To curb demand for Exec Condominiums( ECs) in Singapore, qualification requirements established by the federal government are not that simple to satisfy. There are a couple of, so make certain you examine all the boxes before you move on.

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A. Age

— At least 21 years old
— A minimum of 35 years of ages, if applying under the Joint Songs Scheme

B. Citizenship

— 1 Singapore Person
— At the very least 1 various other applicant needs to be a Singapore Resident or Singapore Permanent Local
— All songs need to be Singapore Citizens if applying under the Joint Singles Scheme

C. Family Nucleus

— Public System
— Fianc√©/ Future wife Plan
— Orphans System
— Joint Singles Plan

D. Property Ownership

— You do not possess other building be it locally or overseas, and have not taken care of any type of within the last 30 months
— You have denied a new HDB/ DBSS flat or EC, or got a CPF Real estate Grant before; or, have actually just gotten 1 of these properties/ received 1 CPF Real estate Grant thus far

2. Earnings qualification

Usually, ECs are suggested to cater to the demands of the “sandwich” class, whose house income exceeds the ceiling for public housing, but disappoints pleasantly paying for a personal property. The majority of new EC customers have a combined revenue of around S$ 10,000, and are seeking to make the most of the CPF grant amount.

In order to get approved for an EC, household income can not exceed the $14,000 limitation. This limit has been increased from $12,000 in August 2015.

3. Extra payment

In December 2013, HDB introduced that EC buyers are subjected to the Resale Levy, where they would be required to earn a round figure payment to HDB when purchasing a second subsidized residence.

For the uninitiated, Resale Levy is basically a reduction of aids when you buy a Second subsidized home as outlined in HDB’s internet site.

Nevertheless, this is only relevant to ECs launched on or after 9 December 2013. If you are updating from HDB to EC as well as do not want to pay added, you need to remember of the here!

Currently, there are a couple of ECs available that are exempt to the Resale Levy, as adheres to:



4. Offering your EC.

As the masters constantly say, “Begin with the end in mind”. When acquiring ECs or any other property for that matter, it is important to know what it entails when you are planning to market your flat. Do note that it is various from your common HDB.

There is a minimum tenancy duration of 5 years for straight buy from a developer, which suggests the unit could not be sold or rented out completely within this time frame. After 5 years, the system can be offered to Singaporeans (SCs) or Singaporean Long-term Residents (SPRs). After 10 years, the purchased system could then be marketed to immigrants.

To contextualise the procedures a little, Exec Condominiums are state-subsidized with the purpose to enhance homeownership for Singaporeans. ECs are not implied as financial investment chances for real estate moguls. Thus, you will not have the ability to make a significant profit by acquiring a flat from the government and afterwards marketing it swiftly when market prices surge. While it is a constraint, the Minimum Profession Duration (MOP) has no bearing on any person that mostly checks out an Executive Condominium as a roof over one’s head, and intends to really live in it.

5. Top priority of line.

Yes, all designers need to make sure that 70% of the units are assigned for initial timers throughout the preliminary EC launch duration.

When it pertains to ECs, first time property owner create most of the customers, followed by upgraders as well as second-time proprietors. The 2nd group normally consists of households with children that are transitioning to exclusive housing. They will need to pick in between an EC and a condo, as well as the former will usually entice them more.

6. Exec condo rates.

ECs are considered personal growths with condo facilities, albeit with an extra attractive price tag. The rate for an EC unit could be as long as 25%– 30% below that of an exclusive condo. As well as after thinking about the housing grants readily available, it makes sense for initial timers to choose an EC before making their way to an exclusive real estate. Executive Condominium varies from $700- 900psf. This translates to a cost of around $650k for 2 bed room device to $800k for a 3 bedder.

7. HDB concessionary lending or small business loan?

Considering that ECs are thought about semi private properties, purchasers could just fund their EC systems with a small business loan. Nonetheless, just like HDB proprietors, EC owners are still based on Home loan Servicing Ratio (MSR). The distinction in between both kinds exists primarily in rates of interest and loan quantities. Find out more regarding our mortgage guide here.

When availing yourself a bank loan, bear in mind to do your due diligence. As there are more than 120 small business loan plans in Singapore, make certain to have an understanding of exactly what you want before devoting. Conversely, speak to a home mortgage advisory such as Redbrick to obtain the very best funding choice for you.

8. How you can determine my funding quantity for an EC?

First, buyers have to compute MSR, where the quantity required to service the month-to-month instalment could not be more than 30% of the borrower’s gross monthly revenue. After that there’s also TDSR, whereby the consumer’s overall dedications as well as liabilities could not be greater than 60% of their gross month-to-month income.


9. How many payment systems are there for ECs?

Presently, there are 2 settlement schemes:.



10. Private or Public?

The largest benefit of buying an EC is that while the residential property begins as a HDB device, it will certainly privatise eventually. After which, the proprietor will not be restricted by HDB judgments and also is able to sell the building to Singaporeans, Permanent Locals or immigrants for investment objective. However, once the property has actually been privatised, potential buyers will certainly not have accessibility to CPF Real estate Grants.

All these variables will enter into play when you are mosting likely to offer the flat. So don’t obtain caught unsuspecting by these shocks then!

11. Maintenance fees.

For the majority of condos (including ECs), maintenance costs are shared via the administration board as well as they are generally greater than HDB flats. Generally, the quantity is around $200. However, ECs with fewer citizens have maintenance charges that could rise to S$ 400 or over per month. Some people may believe it is not worth the cash, for the centers that they barely utilize in a year. All enjoyments include a price and also whatever is feasible, if you pay for the price. You can also checkout executive condo Singapore.

Generally, ECs is considered an advantage for the residents. If you are able to satisfy the standards, particularly the income variable, it is constantly a great idea to get, be it for remaining or financial investment. Nonetheless, it is certainly not recommended to stretch beyond your methods just to removal right into an extra extravagant place. Make certain you do your sums as well as have your funds planned prior to making the following step. If you are unsure, always seek expert assistance!

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