characteristic Features Of A Good Survival Knife

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A high quality survival knife is possibly the most essential piece of survival gear that you can own. In an emergency situation or survival situation – and even just outdoor camping or fishing or hunting – your knife will be utilized daily as a tool, utensil, and perhaps even as a weapon.

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Due to the fact that this survival tool will get a lot usage, it is important to have one that is high quality, reliable, resilient, which has a high level of utility.

We have determined the 3 key qualities that recognize the best survival knife:

1. Durability: Your knife will get continuous usage. It will be mistreated everyday. You will use it to hack undergrowth, translucented tree branches, skin and gut animals and fish, dig in the ground, and maybe even as a weapon. For that reason, the very best survival knife is one that is highly long lasting. Select a knife that is made from a hardened steel, so that it will hold its edge much better and will have the ability to stand up to that continuous usage and abuse you will put it through

2. Utility: You will utilize your knife for more than slicing with the blade. You will use it as not just for cutting, but as a hammer, saw, axe, lever, guide, hole punch, fire starter, even as a level. The best survival knife is constructed in such a method it can be utilized for a range of usages.

3. Use: Many individuals think that the larger the knife, the much better it is (ala Crocodile Dundee). Others believe that if a knife cannot be easily concealed in their tennis shoe that it is too big. A knife must huge enough to be beneficial, but small enough that it can be wielded quickly. The very best knife has a blade that is around 7 to 10 inches in length, and 1/4 to 3/8 inches think. Any larger and it is more a sword than a knife. Any much shorter and its use will be restricted.

These are the top 3 attributes used for identifying the very best survival knife. There are other crucial functions that you ought to think about too. Your knife is the most important of all your survival gear – so take care as you pick the ideal knife for you.

The very best survival knife won’t be excessively pricey either. In reality, the leading ranked knife can be purchased for less than $200 oftentimes, as can be seen below.

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