Classification And Summary Of Man Made Fiber

Man-made fibers are identified into 3 classes, those made from all-natural polymers, those made from synthetic polymers and also those made from inorganic products.

Fibers from All-natural Polymers

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One of the most usual all-natural polymer fibre is viscose, which is made from the polymer cellulose acquired primarily from farmed trees. Various other cellulose-based fibres are Lyocell, Modal, Acetate and Triacetate. Much less usual all-natural polymer fibres are made from rubber, alginic acid and regenerated healthy protein.

Fibers from Artificial Polymers

There are much artificial fibers i.e. natural fibres based on petrochemicals. The most common are polyester, polyamide (frequently called nylon), acrylic and modacrylic, polypropylene, the segmented polyurethanes which are elastic fibers called elastanes (or spandex in the UNITED STATE), as well as speciality high-tenacity fibers such as the high efficiency aramids and also UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight PolyEthylene).

Fibers from Inorganic Materials

The not natural manufactured fibers are fibers made from materials such as glass, metal, carbon or ceramic. These fibres are very frequently used to enhance plastics to create compounds.


There are several fibres made from the normally occurring polymer cellulose, which exists in all plants. Primarily cellulose from wood is utilized to create the fibres however sometimes cellulose from brief cotton fibres, called linters, is the source. Without a doubt one of the most common cellulosic fibre is viscose fibre.

Viscose is defined by BISFA as being “a cellulose fiber acquired by the viscose procedure”. It is known as rayon fiber in the UNITED STATE. Although several cellulosic fibers had actually been made experimentally during the 19th century, it was not till 1905 that just what has come to be the most popular cellulosic fibre, viscose, was produced.

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