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You might have figured out by now that I am little an architecture enthusiast. Well, the excellent thing is, considering that 2000 Toronto has its personal free-access architecture weekend where you can get access to more than 140 fascinating structures, much of which are usually near to the general public.

It’s a fantastic occasion and it’s grown every year, both in attendance and structures to visit. This year Doors Open will be hung on May 28 and 29, 2005. Residents and visitors alike take pleasure in getting first-hand access to a few of Toronto’s distinct architectural gems. Here is an interview with Kristen Juschkewitsch, (Acting) Manager, Museums and Heritage Services, for the City of Toronto’s Culture Department.

1. Please provide us a brief overview of the annual “Doors Open Toronto” event. When is it held, what kind of event is it?

One weekend, as soon as a year in Might, over 100 Toronto structures open their doors free of charge inviting locals and tourists to step inside. The 2-day event, occurring Saturday and Sunday, May 28 & 29, commemorates Toronto’s architecture, city design, cultural areas and locations. Visitors can explore locations of worship, roofing gardens, commercial websites, police stations, historical homes, schools, transport hugs, architects’ workplaces, theatres, contemporary structures, urban landmarks and more.

This year, 148 amazing buildings are participating and a number of the taking part buildings are not generally open up to the general public. Many venues arrange guided trips, unique displays or activities to improve the experience. Doors Open Toronto is developed to appeal to an audience with various interests, cultural backgrounds and ages. The event is a success due to the fact that not only does it allow Torontonians the chance to reveal amazing interest for their city, however also it use people’s interest in architecture, history and allows them to be part of their neighborhood.

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2. Please tell us a bit about the history of “Doors Open”. Who developed the idea, how did it come about?

Karen Black, Supervisor of Museums and Heritage Services, City of Toronto Culture Department and Jane French, Job Supervisor, Doors Open Toronto, brought Doors Open to Toronto. Developed as a millennium project for May 2000 and designed on Doors Open Days in Scotland, Doors Open Toronto was the first of its kind in North America.

Doors Open Toronto is a signature occasion of the City of Toronto Culture Division, which is committed to the development and promo of arts and culture in the city. The event relies on the assistance of its sponsors, partners and volunteers in the neighborhood. Without this level of support Doors Open Toronto wouldn’t be the success it is today.

3. How has the occasion evolved because the start? And how big is the presence? Please give us some of the realities and figures.

In its very first year, Doors Open Toronto attracted over 70,000 visitors to 96 buildings. Over the past 5 years, there has actually been a consistent climb in presence due to the occasion’s growing appeal. In 2004 over 185,000 visits were logged at 155 of the Doors Open Toronto taking part areas. These figures clearly reveal that the Doors Open weekend has actually struck a chord with Torontonians and visitors alike.

The success of Doors Open Toronto can be determined in a variety of methods. As I pointed out, the variety of getting involved buildings has grown from 96 in the very first year to 155 last May. Also, designers, designers, leaders in education, service, cultural, leisure and faith communities from around the city now approach us wishing to get involved.

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