Frequently Asked Questions about Enamel Pins

• Q. What’s the transformation period for custom lapel pins?
A. Your recovery period that is regular is 7-10 days, however where run requests are needed you’ll obtain your hooks actually faster, in several instances, we are able to usually provide your order.
• Q. What’s the distinction between Smooth and Cloisonne Enamel lapel pins?
A. The main distinction between both of these kinds of hooks may be the procedure that is color. Although a conventional enamel color is used by delicate enamel pins, Cloisonne pins are created utilizing a glass like glue. A feature of soft pins, is the fact that the color is just stuffed in nevertheless the cutting steel materials are elevated, and also the area of the flag is Raised where the colored places are recessed. Pins are decorated in a style where the glass like glue is stuffed to meet up the metal’s top, supplying a really sleek, very refined look. Coatings could be put into the top of Soft Enamel lapel pins to be able to give the flag with a shiny area.

• Q. What’re hooks produced from?
A. As the kinds of metals differ significantly based on customer choice, our pins are produced from materials, the typical metal utilized is Copper, that will be an incredibly tough, steel that was long-lasting. Irrespective of copper, our lapel pins may also be hit from Metal (metal), metal, metal, pewter, as well as silver.
• Q. Do I’ve to supply a style, or are you able to produce a design for me personally?
A. If you’ve a design to provide, we are able to function from your own design to produce your customized lapel pins, however if you don’t possess a style, but simply a concept of what you’d prefer to have created, our highly-experienced artwork division could work from the explanation to produce a design for you personally, for free.
• Q. Just how many shades may I use?
A. Your regular pricing is dependant on the usage of as much as 7 colors (Excluding Silkscreen lapel pins), however in case your style demands extra shades, they’re offered at $0.05/ea.
• Q. Trading pins are needed by we far ahead of time must we purchase?
A. Although our common recovery period is 7-10 times, frequently faster, there are occasions when our production-line becomes overwhelmed because of the amount of trading hooks we create throughout the weeks of August, and July.
We recommend purchasing atleast 14 business enamel pins days ahead of time to ensure promptly shipping of one’s trading pins during July and June.
• Q. Exactly what does your Promise address?
A. Your published promise addresses the caliber of supplies and craftsmanship used-to produce your custom lapel pins. When you have any issues using supplies of one’s purchase or the quality of craftsmanship, please contact us and we shall use one to guarantee the merchandise you obtain meets your objectives.

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