From Where Did Pencil Sharpener Evolved To What We Use Today

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The Olcott Climax Pencil Sharpener, which was presented in 1904, was the first pencil sharpener with a cylindrical cutter with spiral cutting edges. The cutting system was planetary. Since this cutting technology has ended up being dominant, probably this is the most essential device in the history of mechanical pencil sharpeners. Nevertheless, this innovation was not marketed with excellent success up until the 1910s.

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Olcott_Cutter_Beach,Round cutter from Olcott Climax Pencil Sharpener

” The building and construction of this maker is based upon the theory that pencil sharpening is fragile work. The cutting is done on a totally brand-new concept, by ways of a round cutter having thereon twelve cutting blades arranged spirally so that the cutting is done from the point of the pencil, straight back. The item of this is to do away with the lateral pressure, or pressure throughout the point, which is so apt to break the point and which has actually been the greatest objection to pencil sharpeners in the past. The excellent speed of this Climax is accomplished by means of a distinct arrangement of the gears and cutting blades by means of which 56 shavings, as great as a hair, are cut from the pencil with a single turn of the crank. Performing upon the concept that it is much better to have a great cutter in the very first place and grind it occasionally than to be constantly purchasing brand-new cutters, the makers of the Climax have offered a changing function which makes it possible to sharpen the original cutter. It has constantly been essential heretofore for such cutters to be cheaply made in order that the renewal cost might not be excessive. The Climax technique of offering a tool steel cutter and having it ground when dull conquers this biggest of all objections to pencil sharpeners in the past.”
Olcott Climax,Pencil Sharpener.
During 1910-15, seven business introduced machines with one or two round cutters like that on the Olcott Climax immediately above, all of which utilized planetary systems. These makers were sold under the brand names Roneo, Climax (and a number of other names utilized by the Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. (APSCO)), Boston, Louis Myers, Courant, Stewart, and Koh-I-Noor. In the end, two business made it through in the U.S., APSCO and Boston. These two companies accounted for the large bulk of mechanical pencil sharpeners offered in the United States for the next several decades. During the 1910s-1930s, APSCO sold more pencil sharpeners than did Boston. Nevertheless, Boston increased its market share over a duration of years.

The APSCO Climax Pencil Sharpener, a maker with one planetary round cutter, was presented in 1912. A 2nd cutter was quickly included and the device was relabelled the Climax No. 2 in 1913. While APSCO makers with planetary round cutters typically have patent dates of 1900 to 1907, none was produced before 1912. APSCO bought the earlier patents that are listed on its machines from Olcott. The Climax is another big machine– 5.25″ tall and 3 lb. 12 oz. Between 1913 and 1915, APSCO introduced a complete range of smaller machines with the same type of cutters, including the Chicago Pencil Sharpener revealed above.

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