How to make a Window Pelmet

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Something that we often obtain inquired about is window clothing and also just how finest to finish off a home window. To us, simplicity is key. We intend to avoid fuss as well as frills and produce an easy and streamlined appearance. Windows are there to offer a view and also to allow all-natural light. We intend to increase that as well as improve the all-natural deem high as possible by framing it. Frequently curtains can decrease the home window dimension and also obstruct some of the natural light. By extending the posts the complete width of the area, the curtains can be continued either side to make sure that you can value the complete size of the home window.

In order to do this, we choose to conceal curtain posts, tracks as well as the thorough tops of curtains. We do this by developing easy pelmets that hide all the fussiness. Pelmets in the past were active and decorative. They used to be upholstered as well as tended to add clutter to a room. We have changed this up as well as use them to accomplish a more high-end, easy, resort feel.

Pelmets are simple to earn and also fit as well as they are affordable. We recommend repainting the pelmet in with the wall colour for a seamless, modern appearance. Following this overview will quickly rejuvenate and also lighten your area.

Because the top of the curtain is covered, it suggests that you can make use of cost-effective drape poles as well as ready made eyelet curtains.

Right here is a simple to adhere to DIY overview of make your very own pelmet.


  • MDF sheets– The quantity needed will certainly depend of the length of the home window wall surface.
  • Harsh wood batons
  • Screws
  • Wall connects
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • L-Brackets
  • Filler/ Caulk
  • Existing drape post to hang curtains inside the pelmet box
  • Guide
  • Paint (the same as the wall surface colour).
  • Painting brushes and also tray.

Materials needed to make window pelmet board.


Step 1:.

Remove your existing curtains and curtain post. Leave the brackets sitting … you could function around them. If you have a track already placed to the ceiling or wall surface, you can function about this too. If getting a brand-new drape post, attempt and also get a post or track that covers the length of the area for optimal effect. If utilizing a new post, see to it to put the braces up prior to the pelmet.

Step 2:.

Procedure your home window and decide on the height, size and depth of your pelmet prior to cutting the MDF board.

The length of the board is figured out by the width or length of your space. We extend pelmets the full length of the window wall. This creates a seamless hotel feeling. Probably this will certainly need the size of 2 x MDF sheets. These could be joined together centrally with a covert brace below then caulked and also painted at the front. This will give the appearance of one continuous pelmet.

The height depends upon the ceiling elevation of the space. Preferably we would have the pelmet starting from the ceiling and also sitting 20mm listed below the top of the home window. This makes sure that you get to see the whole window as well as avoid seeing up right into the pelmet. It also enhances the seamless feel. You can also visitĀ glitter pelmets Glasgow website.

If it is a really high ceiling in the area, 350-400mm height functions well.

The recommended depth is 200mm to the front of the MDF pelmet. This is a secure choice to make sure the top of the curtain is not squashed or flattened as well as the curtain hangs in its all-natural pleats.

Step 3:.

Have the boards reduced to dimension in the hardware store in order to guarantee they are completely straight and also flat. They could be reduced in your home, yet it is tough to attain a best level. Chadwicks give a cutting solution in their storage facilities at little extra cost.

Cut harsh block sections of hardwood batons to help safeguard the pelmet to the brackets.

Step 4:.

Define 200mm from the window wall surface. This will be where the front of the MDF rests. Screw the rough blocks to the ceiling and screw the L- braces to them for a secure base. When repaired, screw right into the MDF sheets. This will certainly keep the pelmet in place.

Relying on the size of the area, it could require extra brackets for additional assistance.

Step 5:.

Caulk along the sides of the pelmet where it satisfies the wall. Caulk along the top of the pelmet where it meets the ceiling. (It is not likely that the ceiling will be flawlessly flat so this will certainly hide any kind of imperfections).

When the caulk has actually had time to establish, prime and paint the pelmet in with the wall colour. Allow 24hours for the caulk to properly dry out. This will certainly guarantee it doesn’t break.

StepĀ 6:.

Clip your drape pole with existing drapes back in place into the post braces.

Step 7:

Arrange your existing drapes and also enjoy the sight out of your newly upgraded windows!

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