How to select the plastic mould steel

The form metal option depends upon component surface roughness anticipated form general existence and components.
The larger the mold’s entire existence ought to be, the larger interest in hardness and wear-resistance of form metal must request.
Items that are clear need hole to become mirror-polished, and S136H, PAK80 other along with 420 top quality metal are greater option.
When it comes to the plastic-type, warmth-sensitive materials (eg PVC, etc.) should choose anti-deterioration metal, for example S136H,PAK90.
Comparable form components that are moving must utilize hardness and various metal difference is 2 HRC.

• Metal for mold parts
The hardness of primary ought to be by about 4 levels below the place hardness, if form primary substance and place supplies are same.
dowel pins substance: SKD61 (52HRC).
Metal for primary and slip components – taking system:
1 lateral slide components and primary or hole positions ought to be made from various metal if general slipping will become necessary for them; but when it surely require exactly the same metal for form inserts substance and also the moving stop,moving block’ area should be nitrided, and its own hardness ought to be under around 2.
2  Slider stop content: P20.
3 Securing blocks: S55C (needed heat-treatment to 40HRC) or DF2 solidified to 52HRC.
4 dish: DF2 solidified to 52HRC.
5 angular hooks: SKD61 (52HRC).
6 stop: S55C.
7 guide stop: DF2 (gas heat-treatment of metal necessary to 52HRC).
Lifter metal: form positions steel and lifter steel when slipping can’t exactly the same for that lifter rod might be damaged.
Note: The lifter may also utilize beryllium copper (Be-Cu).
Before Lifter nitriding, dawnco the right settlement ought to be left for lifter pit and that lifter rod
Other areas metal:
a. the producer chooses regular entrance metal.
W. Three-plate mold sprue bushing: S55C (needed heat-treatment to 40HRC).
D. puller, stopper, help pillars: S55C.
N. the plastic mold metal S55C is, used by other areas without specific needs.

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