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The most effective electric shavers will certainly offer you a close shave in alongside no time at all as well as leaving your skin smooth and also unblemished. But electric razors could be very expensive, and not all will certainly offer you such a close or comfortable shave. And also, there are a host of added functions to pick from when getting an electric shaver. As well as making a decision if you would certainly favor an aluminum foil or rotary design, you ought to also think about whether you’ll need a quick-charge function, a beard comb or a model that can be made use of in the shower. Our pointers below will aid you determine if you want an electrical razor, as well as if you do, which type of electric razor will finest suit your needs. Once you’ve chosen what kind is best for you, take a look at our electric shaver examines to find the versions that Which? advises.

What are the pros and cons of electric shaving?


  • Speed In our 2013 customer survey, 67% of you said that utilizing your electric razor is quicker compared to a damp razor.
  • Convenience You do not need water or gel, so you do not should remain in the restroom (although many electrical shavers could additionally be used wet if you favor). Electric shaving is less messy.
  • Holidays You can carry an electric shaver in your hand baggage as well as some will certainly stay charged for approximately 2 weeks, long enough for a stubble-free vacation or service trip.


  • Electric electric razors could be expensive Although you can get an electrical shaver for less than ₤ 50, a top-end electric razor with extra features could set you back greater than ₤ 200. The aluminum foils or heads have to be changed every 2 years approximately, which will usually set you back ₤ 15-₤ 40.
  • Not as close as a razor blade Responses where? members programs that the majority of you still really feel that a wet razor blade gives a closer shave than your electric razor.

What kinds of electrical shaver exist?

Aluminum foil

Electric razors Aluminum foil razors have straight heads that use oscillating blades under a great perforated aluminum foil to cut hair. Braun as well as Panasonic electric shavers have foil heads, as do some Remington designs.

Rotating electric shavers

This sort of electric shaver generally has 3 circular heads that rotate to lift and after that cut bristles. All Philips electrical razors and also some Remington designs have rotating heads. Opinion is split over which kind is best. Our lab tests have revealed designs of both kinds that stand out at cutting and also fit sufficient to make our Ideal Buy referral, so our company believe it’s mainly a matter of individual choice.

Not a member?

Enroll in a ₤ 1 Which? test to gain access to these as well as thousands of our other independent reviews. Mains rechargeable shavers Mains rechargeable electric razors could be made use of while they’re linkeded into the mains or cordless. The keys choice works if you forget to charge up your electric razor prior to you should utilize it. Cordless electric shavers Most various other electric razors, consisting of all ‘damp as well as completely dry’ designs, are rechargeable as well as have to be made use of cordless. This provides you much more freedom to walk around while you cut, however means you can’t use them while it’s charging. Electric electric razors that can be utilized wet are always cordless to ensure that you cannot connect them in while you’re in the shower.

Mains-only electric razors

Mains electric shavers typically aren’t rechargeable and need to be plugged into function. Nowadays, mains only models have the tendency to be fundamental, entry-level razors.

What electric razor features should I look out for?

Some electrical shavers included a pop-up trimmer that indicates you do not have to exchange gizmos to finish your grooming regimen. You may need to pay a bit extra for one, yet it’ll conserve you time in front of the mirror, as you won’t need to stop and also quest around for a different add-on midway with your routine.

Beard combs

If you intend to maintain a beard or other facial hair, seek a razor that includes a comb attachment to help keep your goatee at the ideal size. Or, if you only want to trim your beard and nothing else, check out our.

Water-proof electric shavers

In addition to dry usage, some cordless electrical shavers could be used with gel or shaving foam. The theory is that this provides you the best of both worlds– damp as well as dry shaving. Some could also be taken into the shower– so you could kill 2 birds with one rock. However constantly read the guidelines prior to obtaining your electric razor wet, as not all appropriate for usage this way.

Charge screen

Some top-of-the-range cordless shavers have an electronic countdown screen that shows you the amount of minutes of cutting time you have left prior to you’ll need to recharge it. Other shavers have eco-friendly or red indicator lights or bars to show you when your shaver is charging, fully billed, just how much cost is left as well as whether the battery requires topping up.

Quick charge

Numerous cordless shavers have a quick-charge function, so you could plug your own in before you hop in the shower and also it will be ready for you to have a cut when you come out. How do I tidy my electric razor? A lot of electric razors require cleaning up to obtain rid of cut hair as well as skin bits. You can do this manually by brushing or by tapping the bristle out, yet you’ll additionally locate that numerous electric razors can be cleansed under a running faucet. Always review the guidelines prior to getting your shaver damp, though, as not all could be cleaned up by doing this. You can also checkout Black Men shaving tips.

Self-cleaning electric razors

Some top-of-the-range electric razors had a cleaning station, so they could cleanse themselves. Merely pop your razor into the base system as well as relax. It’s a hassle-free way to keep your electric shaver clean and fuzz-free– all you have to do is cover up the cleaning fluid or replace the cleansing cartridges every now and then. Refills can be acquired online or at bigger drug stores, as well as generally price ₤ 4-₤ 8 for a month’s supply.

18 months

For how long your aluminum foil shaving head needs to remain to provide you a close cut.

Exactly how can I see to it I get the most effective cut?

Pull your skin taut This will certainly permit the electric razor to obtain up close as well as personal with your hairs. Stretch your top lip over your teeth This offers a close shave under your nose. Moisturise Use an after-shaving moisturiser to maintain your skin in tip top condition. Replace shave heads frequently To maintain a close cut, change the heads every 18 months for aluminum foils as well as every 2 years for rotaries.

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