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Produced by individual trainer Vinícius Possebon, the Q48H consists of the combination of high-intensity exercises with light movements, divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and innovative, that exclude using devices and stimulate weight loss in the body for 2 Days After their technique.


The rate of the program is just one of the wonderful advantages of the Q48H System. Much much less compared to the price of a 6 month gym bundle. See listed below:

All online, the Vinícius program is special to clients. For the amount of R $ 684.00 in money or divided right into as much as twelve installments of R $ 66.64, the customer has accessibility to the total training program Q48H – Burns of 2 Days 2.0. By joining the Q48 team, you can likewise look into the collection of bonuses that attest the efficiency of fat burning, such as diet plans created by specialized nutritionists, method table as well as secure approaches for practicing tasks.

However, you should be asking: Okay, yet why should I buy this 48-hour burning? Maintain reading this post as well as we’ll provide you some suggestions that will convince you that this Q48 will be the best financial investment for your health and also pocket.


Some people still have uncertainties about whether the Q48h actually functions. As it is a sort of training of slimming different from the traditional, these uncertainties are understandable.

You see, when someone look for a fitness center, with a rate of interest in dropping weight and also conquering that recovered body, typically gets as a very first alignment a program with the standard workouts that are: working on the treadmill, biking and doing sit-ups.

The problem is that these workouts are lengthy (usually each workout lasts approximately HALF AN HOUR to one hour) as well as boring, which triggers lots of pupils to drop out since they do not have visible results in a short time.

This is the primary reason that led the Personal Instructor, Vinícius Possebon, to create the Q48 – Two Days Burn Training System.

Lots of people experience more from going to a gym and also spending hours on the wire, working on the treadmill or training weight on modern gadgets than properly switching over food and making expert-recommended diet plans.

Others do not adjust to the advised diet regimens because they are very restrictive, which triggers cravings, tiredness, frustration as well as, primarily, the starvation of the satisfaction of consuming just what they like.

If this is your case, recognize that Q48 – Burns 48 hours works because it brings results to your body in just 8 weeks. Yes! Following the lessons of the Q48 program for 15 minutes a day, you obtain the exact same impacts as the next-door neighbor who invested a year operating on the treadmill.



The fundamental principle of Q48H is to do high-intensity workout for a short amount of time, but it raises your heart price rapidly, speeding up your metabolism as well as causing you to burn fat for a longer time compared to regular exercise.

They are straightforward exercises, that any individual can do, without requiring handsets or a huge physical room. Shown, primarily, to those that prefer to do exercises in your home, without needing to go to the fitness center, either for absence of time or do not like the atmosphere of academies.

Click here for more details of Programa Q48.

Allow’s list, then, some interesting facts you will discover easily online if you search for the Q 48 program. Below:

The quantity you invest by buying the Q48H System would not spend for the biannual strategy of a regional fitness center.

You can do the exercises anywhere, anytime. The crucial thing is to have just 15 minutes of your time.

Vinicius Possebon proves that it is not a joke: if in Thirty Days of Q48 H you notice no difference, just compose an email to the support and also they offer you back your cash.

The community of team is fantastic. There are greater than 40 thousand people from throughout Brazil who are pleased with the Q48 method and also recommend it. You could validate the reviews over the web.

Vinícius is not simply a guy that has great oratory and wants to generate income offering video clips. Scientific studies verify that high intensity exercise remains to increase metabolic process after Two Days of its method. Your metabolic rate continues to increase and also you remain to melt calories and also lose weight, even quit!

The individual trainer, nevertheless, is a specialist grad in athletics and post-graduate in sports management as well as advertising and marketing.


  • Search for quick, healthy and also constant weight loss
  • Does not like gym
  • No time to exercise
  • Despises doing insane diets

Does Q48 Benefit Beginners?

Yes. Also the person being totally newbie and/ or inactive could exercise the workouts in the Q48H program, since the newbie workouts are lighter as well as cause the body to produce resistance and adapt to the rhythm to get to a greater degree of the next stage, Which is the middlemans.

The Q48H – Burns 2 Days is divided right into three degrees. The training program covers the phases: novice, intermediate and also advanced, where the pupil makes gradual progression, getting to the last phase in simply 8 weeks.

Normally, this sophisticated phase, in great academies, is achieved in no less compared to 1 year. That’s why the System motto is: Results of 1 year of health club in just 8 weeks.

Along with the exercises, the Q48H Program gives numerous diet and also diet regimen pointers that quicken metabolic rate, increasing fat burning in less time.

The program is an absolutely online program, where you have accessibility to classes, whenever you choose and anywhere you are.

Along with the training program, pupils have access to the limited member location, where all uncertainties are clarified, as well as they can exchange information and experiences.

Now are you sure you intend to attempt the 48 hour burning training approach? So simply most likely to the

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