Real Estate Analyst Overview on US Housing Market of 2017: In Which Regions Is Housing Price Growth Expected?

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The housing market in the United States has recovered very well over the last few years. Thanks to the effectiveness of modern communication, information can now be sent and received within minutes, whereas it used to take days or even weeks for word to pass from one source to another. The speed at which information flows in this day and age means that the financial markets have become tremendously volatile. On top of that, the opportunity for a bargain doesn’t last very long in the market; as soon as an investment opportunity is recognized, money starts flowing in that direction until the asset value reaches its expected price.

Mix in some ultra-low interest rates as well as low macroeconomic conditions in the United States along with a rise in global equity indexes, and it’s easy to see why investors have so much difficulty in finding a decent, reasonable return on their investments. You need an expert to help you recognize the best opportunities where you should invest your money. You can use a social investment network that can help you select exit-oriented real estate investments. Previously, this option was only available to the most affluent investors, but thanks to real estate investments with, anybody can now start building up your real estate investment portfolio from as little as $25,000. Here are some of the regions in the United States where housing price growth is expected.

Western Region

Seattle is still a very powerful economic hub and is a magnet for new residents. It’s expected that housing prices in Seattle are going to increase by 5.6% in 2017. In Portland, which lies around 170 miles south of Seattle, Zillow predicts that the housing market will grow by 5.2%, while Sacramento is likely to go up by 4.8%.

Southeastern Region

Orlando, Florida is one of the hottest cities on the Southeastern belt, and there’s a solid belief that growth in the city will lead to an increase in home prices by an average of 5.7% this year. Both Nashville and Knoxville in Tennessee are also featured on the “hot” list, with a projected growth of around 4.4% and 4.3% respectively.

Southwestern Region

The Southwestern region will see comparatively slower growth as the other regions. Utah is a hot spot in the region, and it’s believed that both Provo and Salt Lake City will see a boost in growth by up to 4.3% within the year. Denver is also expected to grow by the year, with prices expected to grow by as much as 3.2%.




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