Selecting the Right Golf Bag

Your golf bag is your buddy. It sticks with you all through the round. It maintains every little thing safe. That’s why it is very important to recognize which kind of golf bags work best for you. You have to think about where, when, and just how typically you play when you consider obtaining a bag.

Capability is crucial when choosing a golf bag. Are you a walker, cyclist or both? Do you prefer to save added garments and accessories such as rainfall equipment, GPS/rangefinders or umbrella? Addressing these type questions can aid determine what bag would match your demands.

Allow’s take a better consider each sort of golf bag.

Kinds of Golf Bags

Titleist 9.5 2016 Staff BagStaff Bags

Staff bags are the top of the line when it involves golf bags. Personnel bags are utilized by the pros when on Excursion and the bags they carry. A lot of personnel bags prominently present brand logos.

You could think of them as the high-end cars of golf bags: big, roomy, lavish, as well as (most of all else) heavy. The weight is not a concern with pros, because a caddy lugs their bag. However if you don’t have a personal caddy, you could get tired of carrying around the added weight, whether that means pushing it on a hand cart throughout the round and even simply carrying it from your automobile to the riding cart and back.

Team bags have the tendency to tip the ranges around 10 pounds, but exactly what they lack in lightness, they more than offset in better materials, plentiful storage space, and also Tour-worthy looks.

Callaway Highland Cart BagCart Bags

Cart bags are slightly smaller and also visibly lighter than staff bags. A cart bag is a golf bag specifically made to be carried on a golf riding cart or golf push cart. That implies it’s not going to be the very best alternative if you plan to walk the program, carrying your bag on your back the whole time.

Around 6-7 extra pounds usually, cart bags are lighter as well as easier to lug than staff bags, yet they are implied to be utilized with a cart (for this reason the name). If you stroll the training course making use of a golf draw cart, then haul bags are a wonderful alternative. And also obviously, if you use a riding cart, these are perfectly developed for that usage.

Just what makes these bags function so well for carts is that they’re made to offer very easy access to all the bag’s pockets while remaining strapped to the back of your riding cart or draw cart. Another feature most haul bags have is a rubber or non-slip base that will keep the bag from sliding off the cart.

Nike Air Sport III Stand BagStand Bags

Stand bags showcase a design that’s distinct compared with various other designs of golf bag– they have two retracting legs.

These legs permit the bag to stand either completely upright (like a staff or cart bag) otherwise it can stand canted, where its 2 legs expand bent on support the bag while enabling very easy accessibility to any type of club. When the bag is upright, the legs retract as well as lay snug versus the bag.

Golf players like stand bags when they are walking on the program. That’s due to the fact that the retracting legs allow the bag to continue to be upright on grass, whereas cart or team bags are made to be utilized on level surface areas, such as the back of a riding cart. But if you stroll the training course, there’s no need for your clubs to stay on the cart path when you’re teeing off or lining up a putt.

Several stand bags come furnished with backpack-style shoulder bands that disperse the weight across both shoulders. Stand bags weigh about 5 pounds or lighter. Some also have extra ergonomic features, such as a hip pad to prevent the bag from scrubing you the wrong way as you walk.

It also must be noted that stand bags can be made use of with push/pull carts or strapped to the back of a riding cart. Yet you need to take particular care when doing so, specifically with push or draw carts, to make sure the legs do not obtain damaged in aiming to protect it with straps.

Nike Half Carry BagCarry Bags

Stand bags are a type of golf carry bag, because they’re developed to be brought by golf players as they stroll the training course. Nonetheless, if don’t seem like you require the stand legs but still want to stroll the training course, you have another option with lug bags, in some cases called “Sunday bags.”

While lug bags do not have the retracting legs located in stand bags, they could boast being the lightest golf bags available. Carry bags tend to ordinary around just 2 pounds. They take care of to consider so little due to the fact that they tend to be made from lighter products in addition to being less organized than many staff, cart, or stand bags. While those bags might have six or more pockets, carry bags will have simply a handful of pockets at the majority of. And also while various other golf bags will certainly have a divider panel that divides the bag’s opening up 4-, 6-, or perhaps 14-ways, lug bags will commonly have 2-way dividers.

For the most part, carry bags are minimal bags for golf enthusiasts that are going to walk the program basically at any time they play. Good carry bags will have enough pockets for extra golf balls, t-shirts, handwear covers, beverages, as well as very little else. The even more pockets on a bag, the more probable you are to use them, as well as lug bags are all about having just the fundamentals.

Club Glove Last Bag Travel CoverTraveling Bags & Covers

Golf travel bags and covers typically aren’t specifically golf bags in the feeling that you take it to the course as well as it holds all your clubs. Instead, these bag covers are designed to confine as well as safeguard your whole bag and your clubs while traveling.

Typical attributes of traveling cover golf bags consist of a padded top to safeguard clubs en route, baggage or in-line skate wheels for easy movement, cushioned or strengthened takes care of for less complicated handling and also maybe several external pockets for additional storage space.

If you’re a golf tripper, these bags are important to assist keep your clubs secure from check-in to luggage case as well as back.

Usual Functions on Golf Bags

While there are different type of golf bags to fulfill various golf needs or playing styles, there are some functions that are readily available throughout the different types of bags that could aid you in deciding whether or not a certain bag is ideal for you.

Dividers – As discussed over, dividers divide the leading opening of a golf bag. Some bring bags have no dividers, as well as some stand or cart bags have 14-way dividers, allowing one opening up for each and every allowed club in a set. The dividers normally do not prolong down the entire length of the bag, so your club shafts will certainly come together inside the bag. But some higher-end bags have unabridged dividers, which keep the club shafts divided also inside the bag.  You can also check out best golf push cart 2017.

Putter Well – A putter well is a separate compartment especially designed to keep your putter from harming the shafts of your other clubs, and also to keep them from harming your putter’s head. A putter well bag is a good alternative, specifically when you have a larger putter grasp such as a Super Stroke grasp.

Pockets – Golf bags can have just one or two pockets, or they can often have over a dozen. When thinking about pockets, you need to consider exactly what kinds of equipment you like to have with you during a round or at the range. Obviously, extra balls and also tees are an essential when you hit the program. Yet what else would certainly you desire with you? Do you favor to have a windbreaker or rainfall coat with you in situation the climate curdle? Try to find a bag with a clothing pocket. Do you want someplace to put your cellular phone or other belongings? You’ll want a bag with a belongings pocket, which are often lined with velour or various other soft textile. How around beverages or hydration? Numerous bags come furnished with an external drink sleeve or holster, good for holding a water bottle. But some could also have an insulated cooler pocket so you can have numerous amazing drinks offered to you anytime during the round.

Straps and also deals with – Because you’ll be handling your bag essentially with the takes care of and also straps, you’ll intend to ensure they have actually been positioned properly and work as you ‘d like. For instance, if you don’t prepare to walk the course routinely, after that a bag with a dual, backpack-style band wouldn’t be like a solitary band you can sling over your shoulder as you walk your clubs to and also from your cart. On the other hand, if you choose to walk the course, a single-strap carry system will not have the ability to disperse the weight across your shoulders too.

Umbrella Holder – This is a wonderful feature to have so you can keep an umbrella helpful in instance of rain.

Rain Hood – Not all bags have a rain hood or various other weather protection system, but this is a great attribute that will allow your clubs to remain completely dry as well as protected in instance of rainfall.

Towel Loop/Ring – Many bags supply an exterior towel holder, whether it’s a loop, ring, clip, or otherwise. This loophole enables you to maintain your towel out and also all set to wipe off dust or debris from your clubs before placing them back in the bag, or other “housekeeping” tasks that will certainly emerge on the program.

Golf Bag Treatment Tips

When you have actually ultimately got your new golf bag house, right here are a few simple tips in order to help maintain it clean and also working fresh:

  • When essential, clean off your bag with a moist towel to eliminate any dust, plant pollen, or particles.
  • Beware exactly what you put in the pockets of your bag and also leave there for extended amount of times. Anything that splashes throughout a round ought to be removed from the pockets, cleaned as routed, as well as permitted to completely dry entirely prior to returning it to your golf bag. This method will certainly prevent your bag as well as the item concerned from molding.
  • Shop your bag in a location where it will not obtain filthy or covered in dust or plant pollen. Draping a trash can or sheet of plastic over the bag can aid stop airborne particulates from collecting on your gear if you know you will not be using it for a while.

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