Men no longer crease up their noses at Botox

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A RISING variety of men are plumping for wrinkle-smoothing injections.

They currently account for almost one in five Botox clients, with popular followers of
the “Boy-tox” pattern consisting of Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay as well as David

The Harley Medical Group have actually seen a five percent walking in the number of their
male individuals.

Harley Street Skin Facility Professional Director Dr. Aamer Khan states: “Botox for men
is an expanding market. It is becoming a growing number of appropriate.

” We see plenty of men that just desire a fresher, more vibrant look.

” Guy tend to start the therapy 10 years behind women– around their
the late thirties.

” A lot of are persuaded by their partners to try it.

” If their other half or girlfriend is having botox as well as accomplishing all-natural outcomes, or
may state to her partner that he looks tired or haggard, he’ll most likely be
spurred on to attempt it.

” The other fad is for those a little older, in professions and work environments
where they are aware of their in-person call with more youthful associates.

” They do not wish to look weary as well as upset with a furrowed brow as well as feel there
is competition in the office to look excellent.

” The final team are those we call the ‘2nd time around’– men who want to
look excellent after becoming single later in life.

Dr. Khan advises those keen to attempt Botox to select a respectable facility.

He claims: “A good site to take a look at for credible professionals as well as clinics.

” In short Botox for males is expanding.”

Botox starts at ₤ 220 per location. For more information see

Case study: Lee Matthews

LEISURE club manager Lee Matthews states he really feels more youthful as well as positive
many thanks to Botox therapies.

Lee 33, of Birmingham, claims: “I first had Botox a year earlier because I was
awkward that my noticeable lines made me look cross as well as were aging.

” I operate in a gym and also some of the personal trainers had actually tried Botox, so I understood
about it and also felt great trying it. It seemed nowadays it’s extremely
appropriate for a chap to do. You can also check out EverYoung Med Botox Coquitlam

” My initial session at the Court Home Clinics in Birmingham cost me ₤ 240. I.
wanted it to be natural– I didn’t want an icy look. A week later I could.
actually, discriminate– my skin looked smoother, extra vibrant as well as.
” I met up for a beverage with my 2 brothers that are 36 as well as 39, as well as I could see.
the contrast between my skin as well as theirs. I felt so much extra youthful.

” I feel 100 percent a lot more positive and I have actually been having Botox every 6.
months gave that– similar to Simon Cowell.

” My spouse Betsy believes it’s humorous, she’s 27 so she doesn’t need it yet.

” It makes me happy, so she’s not really bothered that I do it.

” I have not informed the boys on my football team yet, however. I assume I may get a.
ribbing when they learn.”.