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Closed Space is a room escape video game, including the typical controls. You tap on products around you Best San Diego Escape Rooms, pick up some of them a connect with others. The objective in this video game is to utilize your environments and your wits to solve various tough puzzles and lastly leave the space.

If you’ve played “Ellie,” you might be expecting some near-impossible puzzles in this video game. While there are some difficult obstacles here, don’t fret. Closed Space is more uncomplicated, and the objects you find offer valuable tips as to their usages. There are lots of ideas to discover here, and this video game will last you significantly longer than you would think of for such a minimalistic space. The controls are also really intuitive and responsive, which is not always the case with totally free space escape video games.

One thing I really valued was the little red laser dot that appears whenever you tap somewhere and there’s nothing of value. It lets you know that your tap signed up. With numerous other space escape video games, it is uncertain whether your tap registered or not, which can lead to much frustrated hyper-tapping.

There were a number of things that bothered me in the game. One main puzzle has multiple parts to it and they all need to be completed in one sitting, as the video game won’t conserve your progress for it. This can be extremely aggravating, as you cannot take a break and come back later. So make sure you begin it when you have a good deal of time to spend on it. Likewise, the “Start” and “Continue” buttons are right on top of each other, and I unintentionally restarted my game. I was never prompted to ask if I want to reboot; it just did so anyway. So be extremely cautious when you return to the game so as not to make the very same error I did. However if you get past these few small concerns, the game provides great, quality room escape fun totally free!

If you’re trying to find a difficult room escape game with which to lose some time, look no more! This app even features both Closed Space 1 & 2!

If you’re having some problem with it, here are some tips:

1. If you’re having difficulty with the last part of the “tap-to-fill” puzzle, try starting from both ends and conference in the middle. You want the top 3 pieces to be changed last.

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