Tips To Not Just List Your Home But To Get it Sold

When you decide to put a house on the market its best to stop referring to it as “my home” when selling – it helps to get some emotional distance. You will need to view the house more objectively like from the buyer’s perspective | in a more realistic way of price and Value.

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| Review comparable Homes | Your Realtor can give you “comps” or do a comparable market analysis (CMA) that lists comparable homes that are active on the market, pending and homes that have recently sold within the same subdivision or a few miles of your own home.

| Pay Attention to the other homes that are active on the market, they are your competition. Take time to look at the photos and read the details, how they compare with your house? Find the best houses for sale near me.

| Before putting your house on the market take time to maximize its exterior and interior appeal. A well-maintained house appeals to more buyers, will sell faster and for a higher price.

| Homes that look like a great deal are the ones that get the most showings from buyers, and sometimes receive multiple offers. Try to set your price lower than other homes that are on the market in your neighborhood.

| Access is essential, The more showings the better -Don’t make it difficult for Agents to show clients your home. They will likely move on to the homes that are easier to get in and show if they have to make appointments way in advance or have restrictive time frames.

| Trying to sell your home for too much might mean sitting on it for a lot longer than you plan, but in most markets it may mean not selling at all … If you don’t get showings during the first few weeks it may mean that you are priced too high, Adjusting the price quickly is one of the most important things that a seller can do to attract a buyer and achieve a faster closing.

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