Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Party Bus Now

There’s never been a better time to drink, mingle, and travel on four wheels across the Central Coast with your best friends.
Meals and drinks are on wheels, the vehicle’s interior is party-ready, the sound system is stellar, and there are surprises at every turn, whether it’s mouth-watering pub grub from a bistro in Gosford, lovely local wines you’ve never tasted before, or a new beach party place that’s escaped your radar.
It’s time to rent a private vehicle and leave your party needs to the Pro. Yet if you need more convincing, here are five reasons why a party bus guarantees a great celebration and adventure on the road.
Because you crave a party that just flows. Wish you could start the fun even before you arrive at your night out destinations? With a VIP party bus, you can pass around glasses of champagne or cold beers from the moment you board. Want some pizza to go? No problem, your designated driver can stop at your favourite pizza place. Feel like dancing to the beat of the drums? Let loose and dance to the groove. Who wouldn’t love this spontaneity?
Because you like the idea of creative cost-cutting. If you did your research well, you will know that hiring a private party limo or bus can be a lot cheaper than renting a place or a restaurant for your celebration. The party bus hire company can easily decorate the vehicle however you like. And the best part? No dirty dishes or glasses to wake up to after a night of partying. Some vehicles are pre-decorated so ask about these options, too. Perhaps you might find what you like among the selection.

Because this adventure trip says a lot about you. Limo parties are not limited to Hollywood films. Stop putting off the road trip you’ve always been fantasizing about and San Diego tours┬ástart planning. Set your killer dance moves, join a beer or wine-tasting events with your friends, or stop by a local bar for the best girls or guys night out. When you rent a vehicle for a party, the call is yours to make. Leave a lasting impression and have your guests looking forward to your next celebrations.
Because for once, you want to play the music you love. Be in charge of the party music and play DJ to set the mood throughout your journey around Central Coast. Most party buses offer cutting-edge sound system that you can play around with. Enjoy your favourite concerts, music videos, songs, and mixes on board. And let your well-selected playlist create a fantastic party atmosphere while you’re on your way to the next bar or club!
Because you need to hold on to each other until dawn. You can party all night without worrying about losing a friend or risking arrest for drunk driving. When you hire a party vehicle, it comes with a professional driver who ensures every member of the group gets home safely. You’ve got yourself a sidekick who’s accountable of your guest. Now that’s an awesome service every party needs– and deserves.
Have we convinced you to hire a party vehicle for your next celebration? Share this to a family member or a friend who could really use some help planning their big day. For more tips and inspiring ideas on having fun on the road, stay tuned to R and R Bus and Leisure Hire’s blog. You can also connect with us through Facebook.

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