Torque Wrenches

Mountz provides a selection of torque wrench choices with unique designs, sizes and torque delivery components. Not all torque wrenches are equally. Before choosing the torque wrench, realize the top features of each wrench choice and select the instrument that meets your critical fastening application. While in the production and preservation planet, handling, tightening, or measuring torque of fasteners is imperative for creation efficiency. With inferior torque a fastener work or may shake loose. A torque wrench is just a precision resource and should be addressed and preserved just like a measuring instrument. Below is a quick explanation of the wrench designs that Mountz offers.
Cam-Over Torque Wrenches
Reduces overtorquing. Perfect for maintenance and generation programs where over-torque circumstances aren’t tolerated.
Split-Over Torque Wrenches
Limitations torque applied & choice of end accessories. Typically deflect 20-90 levels on torque distribution, thus revealing torque has been achieved.

Electronic Torque Wrenches
Employed for output, auditing king tony affirmation as well as fastener testing. With and without memory. For sale in torque and torque /viewpoint versions.
Call Torque Wrenches
Generally utilized as a quality control instrument observe or to examine torque. Wrench has memory tips that provide precise numbers on the dial present.
Weld Stud Test Tool
A simple approach to test the shear torque of studs. Perfect software for your automotive and machine business.
You’ll find three standard designs in which the wrench may indicate achieving torque, both by way of ” “break, a “click , Each of three wrench models has utility and a certain objective. It’s important that you choose the torque wrench that can get the job done properly and never generically, once you decide to devote the cash for one and learn how to make use of the torque wrench appropriately.
Click Wrenches typically emit a loud clear “click” when the set torque is attained. Many click type wrenches split about 3 levels after-set torque then become good and is achieved. This activity that is constructive may cause over-torque problems. So that employees stop tugging the minute the press sound is observed or believed, preserving and appropriate use is required. Mountz offers preset and adjustable torque wrench models.
Crack-Over Wrenches are essential to restricting the quantity of torque placed on an assembly or attaching program. Split- over torque wrenches, usually deflect 20-90 levels on torque delivery, thus suggesting torque continues to be attained. Several split-over wrenches require manual resetting, while some have a computerized resetting function. Mountz offers a little torque wrench types.
Dial Wrenches are durable and effective. Call wrenches are usually utilized like a quality-control device to confirm or observe torque. Nevertheless, some buyers locate them a resourceful production device.
Cam-Over Wrenches are ideal for production and maintenance purposes where over-torque situations aren’t tolerated. Each camera-over lobe layout enabling the wrench to slide free when torque is achieved, eliminating the possibility of over and wrench employs a basketball -torque. Cam-over wrenches are non- length dependent and properly consider the anxiety out of torque delivery. The use of cam-over wrenches offers repeatable and more accurate effects when compared to a typical click type wrench and requires driver impact out of the torque equation

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