Ways to hang a tree swing the proper way

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So you intend to hang a swing from your tree?

It’s a fantastic selection. There’s absolutely nothing rather like a tree swing for youngsters (or adults, for that matter). A swing collection cannot supply those looooong, kicking back arcs fairly like a tree swing can.

OK, so tree swings are great, however are they risk-free? There are several points you can do see to it you hang your swing securely with minimal damages to your tree.

Prior to Hanging, pick your branch

Your swing area must be over soft, level terrain as well as without challenges.

Determine a hanging website on a straight branch, at least 8″ in diameter.
Ensure your branch has no fractures, fungus, or indicators of rot. If you’re unsure regarding your tree.
Here’s what you’ll have to hang your swing

Your swing
1-2 tow bands and quick web links will certainly suffice. We make an excellent quality tree turn hanging package as well. We’ll utilize this to loop around the branch and also give a safe and secure support factor for rope or chain.

Extra size of 1/2″ (minimum) knotted polyester rope or 1/4″ (minimum) evidence coil chain. This will run in between your fast web link or carabiner support factor as well as your swing. (occasionally this is unneeded, but it relies on the height of the branch as well as the length of the ropes or chain that could already be attached to your swing.

  • A ladder. Once again this depends on the elevation
  • Arrangement Directions
  • Lay the strap over the top of your branch.
  • Draw one end of the band with the loophole on the various other end, tightening the band around the branch. Ensure the excess band is hanging from the underside of the branch. If you want a shorter strap, cover it about once more prior to pulling it with the loophole.
  • Connect your carabiner or fast link to the band
  • Attach your swing chains or rope. After add-on, safeguard the carabiner screw-lock.
  • Crucial: Examine it prior to swinging
  • Prior to use, the tree swing must be evaluated by grownups. Stick out of the means from the hanging branch (not straight underneath) and have 2-3 grownups placed as much weight as they can on the line to verify it’s risk-free to swing on. Bear in mind that the branch has the biggest opportunity of being the failure point of your tree swing as well as you should see to it that it could hold the weight. You can also checkout more details of┬átree swing hanging kit.

You’re ready and also prepared to turn!

Let us understand if you have concerns or comments and make certain to look into our rapid, very easy & secure tree swing hanging kit. Satisfied swinging from Earth Play Tools!

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